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Mini Review: A Brush with Love by Rachel Hauck

Ginger Winters is embarrassed by her scars. She drapes her hair to cover her right shoulder or she will put a scarf on to cover as much as the scarf as she can. She has had these scars since she was 12 years old but she has never been able to get over the ugliness that she feels. Ginger decided to become a beauty stylist and help bring out the beauty in other woman. Then Ginger traveled around the world as the personal stylist to Tracie Blue. Ginger has started her own salon and she realizes that she still feels like the scarred littler girl she has always been.

I think this story has such an amazing message on loving yourself and how others can love you. It was a short quick read but had so much inspiration backed into its pages. I loved the characters. I thought they were great. I will be honest though, I do wish the novella would have been a novel because I would have loved to spend more time with these characters. I think the plot was great but again I would love it if there was more. Always more. Hopefully Ginger winters can have a full length novel someday.

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