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What's Cooking? Wednesday: Twenty Dinners

Hey fellow foodies,

Today's book is Twenty Dinners by Schori, Taylor, and Holtzman. This book is really cool the pictures are absolutely breath taking (you all know I am a sucker for the picks). The recipes are pretty cool too. they look delicious some a little out of my comfort zone, but i will try anything at least once. the recipes in this book are very different from my normal cookbooks which was a nice change of pace. I liked how they are separated by meal each recipe chosen to complement the rest. There is even a wine recommendation for each meal. Experimenting is also highly encouraged for each recipe. They want you to leave a stamp on your meal make it special to you. I also like how this book goes over tips like choosing the right wine or how to pick out the food in the store, as well as techniques like knife usage and plating. A great book for the more adventuress non-picky eaters.

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