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Book Review: After Perfect by Christina McDowell

"After Perfect" by Christina McDowell was a very raw and intriguing story. Christina Prousalis was used to living a life of luxury that most people couldn't even imagine. One day everything falls a part as her father is arrested for securities fraud. Christina's father was a lawyer who lived life way beyond his means. Mr. Prousalis was one of the guilty players that was collateral fallout of Jordan Belfort, who was the "Wold of Wall Street". Christina worshipped her father and thought he was the greatest. Christina decides to share her memoir in "After Perfect" on how she had to recover from this disaster of falling from grace.

I have to say that I really appreciated McDowell's view on what happened to her and sharing her life. I get that she came from a privileged life and now she is middle class like most others, but what I am most proud of is the fact that she was brave enough to tell her story. Since Christina was so used to a man taking care of her, she wasn't used to being an "Adult" that had to take care of herself, so everything just falls a part. I like how detailed Christina wa sable to get in dealing with her seven-year journey.

The fact that Christina's memoir is brutally honest is impressive. McDowell is a good story-teller, so I will be interested to see if she ends up writing something else. HEr writing can use some improvement but then again whose doesn't? I really want to see how McDowell continues to improve her life.

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