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Book Review: Crazy for the Competition by Cindi Madsen

I am a big fan of Cindi Madsen. I was definitely excited for "Crazy for the Competition." Heath and Quinn come from completely different worlds but seem to fit so perfectly together. Heath grew up on the wrong side of town always getting into trouble. Heath moves back home to be there for his little brother and to fulfill his dream of opening a hunting lodge with his other brother.

Quinn tries so hard to please everyone and not let anyone down. This tends to be the cause of her own unhappiness. Quinn is so easy to love by the reader. I find that I could relate to her. I really liked how her Japanese culture really played into her character. This was a huge part of who she is.

Quinn and Heath definitely had a rivalry going on. It was a lot of fun to read their story and see how the rivals end up falling in love. Like any form of competition they had tension but at the same time they had a lot of playful moments. I definitely think this is a light-hearted fun read.

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