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Book Review: The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

"The Crown of Embers" by Rae Carson is a fantastic sequel. I was very excited to see what is in store for Elisa and her kingdom. Carson creates such a unique world for her readers that it is so addicting. I really don't ever want to leave the world that Carson has created. It is magical and fun. This book surpassed all expectations that I could have had.

I think Elisa grew up so much since the first book. She is no longer just a princess that was married off. She is now a queen trying to protect her new country even though there are people who want to see her removed from her throne. Elisa has proven that even though she gets afraid at times, she is not going to let that control her. She is still going to act and do the best she can for the country. Her goal is to save her people. She is trying to conquer a war that just seems to keep on coming at her.

Now that her court wants her to be married off again. Elisa has to figure out what is the best thing she can do for not just herself but ultimately for her country. I think it is amazing how much Elisa has grown as a character in this book. I am quite impressed with Carson's writing and development skills.

I thought the plot was fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time enjoying the ride. I think this is one of the best series I have read in a while. It is so clean and fun. The characters are enjoyable and the story is enjoyable. I don't feel like I am struggling through every page because I am having fun being immersed into the story. I am definitely look forward to more from Rae Carson.

Regarding the audiobook. I think the audiobook was fantastic. Listening to the audiobook was so entertaining. I loved how Ikeda narrated the voices. I was able to follow along with the book and also listen in the car while I was driving and be entertained the entire time. I have to say I am just as impressed with the audiobooks. I look forward to listening to the next one on audiobook.

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