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Book Review: The Idea of Love by Patti Callahan Henry

Ella was completely happy with her marriage until a horrible secret completely tore it a part. She tries to get over what is going on with her life however she just wishes that she could go back to her old life. Her new life is nothing like what she imagined it would be. When her husband shatters her heart, Ella doesn't want to make get involved or flirt with anyone new. Her heart is way too wounded for that.

Hunter is a screenwriter that is trying to find the perfect love story to get inspiration. When Hunter meets Ella he tells her that he is a writer working on a book about the history in small towns. Not only is Ella having a hard time with everything but she is lying to Hunter and then Hunter is lying to her. It is one vicious cycle. Ella is about to get duped because her story is about to be revealed to the movie industry.

I love Henry's books. Her characters are always amazing. It is so easy to get invested in her characters. Henry is an amazing writer. I love here work. She brings so much thought to her novels. I feel completely invested when I read her work. Henry is one of the authors that you are positive that you aren't going to be disappointed when you pick up their book. I do think "The Idea of Love" by Patti Callahan Henry is worth reading.

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