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Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

"Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard is absolutely amazing!! I was definitely impressed with Aveyard's debut novel. Now I am anxious for more. Mare Barrow is the main character of this lovely story. Mare is an unimportant red or at least that is how society looks at her. Red's aren't important, they are the people who do all the work and have nothing special about them. This world is divided by the color of your blood. Red vs. Silver. Silver blooded people have powers or abilities were they have this extra talent they are able to do or perform.

When Mare ends up randomly getting a job at the palace she accidentally finds out that she is different. She isn't just a useless Red like most Silvers think. She has her own supernatural power. Not knowing why she has this power or how, Mare ends up getting thrown into prison until the King and Queen can figure out what to do with her. The only way the Royal court can figure out how to cover up this little fiasco, is by pretending that Mare is a long-lost Silver princess. The queen then tells Mare that she will now be betrothed to her son Quince. Mare struggles with this lie she now has to live. She wants to know why she is the way that she is.

I have a few thoughts. Number One. I love Mare. I thought she was a fabulous character. She is brave and loyal. She wants to keep her family safe and her friends. She doesn't like being pushed around and when she is, she finds a way to pay that person back for what they did. She joins the rebellion because she believes that is the right thing to do. Sometimes I thought Mare didn't use her head very well and I was a little disappointed, but ultimately I thought she was a great character that shows a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing what she is able to do in the next book.

Number Two. This was one fast paced novel. I thought everything was zipping by. You can't just pick up this book for a couple of minutes because you will be addicted right away. It was so hard not to read this all in one sitting. Once "Red Queen" draws you in, you'll need to cancel all of your plans for the day.

Number Three. This world is so amazing. I want to learn so much more. The fact that the population is divided by the color of ones blood. Silvers have these magic abilities but now a Red is popping up with an ability. Is this a one time thing or are there others?

I am looking forward to book two. I think this will be a great story to explore. I will anxiously be waiting to find out what will happen next! Aveyard did a great job with "Red Queen". I thought the writing was great. I feel like Aveyard has a very unique voice so I will be looking for her in the future.

Amanda Dolan was a great narrator. I thought she was a lot of fun and very entertaining. She was able to keep my attention through her entire reading. I am looking forward to more books being narrated by Amanda Dolan. Definitely check out the "Red Queen". I don't think anyone could be disappointed.

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