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Book Review: Sapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski

Jane Dixon is a scientist and she lives for her son Robbie. Now Robbie is autistic and has many seizures. Dixon focuses her research on animal intelligence to try to find a cure for autism. Dixon works with a rat that is named Einstein. This rat ends up developing the ability to read and is able to communicate through text message son an iphone. Then Dixon gets a one-eye dog named Bear and he also develops these skills however Einstein is much for advance than Bear.

Then the military wants to use Dixon's research to improve the intelligence of military dogs. Since Dixon ends up working for both the military and the Centre for Disease Control, she ends up figuring out that animals have to be in a certain development stage in order to developed these skills. When Dixon injects her own son with the test serum, she learns that the cure could be more dangerous than the disease that her son has.

I think this story definitely gives the reader something to think about. The characters are well-developed and it is hard not to feel for the situation that Dixon and her son are in. The story is so intense. Everything these characters are going through it is hard not to care or be emotional. It was nice that Einstein was the humourous part of the story by cracking jokes because I think that was able to break up some of the tension in the story.

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