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For the Love of Books!

It has been awhile since I sat down and shared some of my personal thoughts and life. I thought this post may be a good one to get back to that. Is it too much to ask someone to love books as much as I do or to at least try to have an understanding of it. I don't expect every person I know to love books to be completely honest  know more people who hate books then people who love them. I want the person in y life to understand my addiction and why I have it. He has an addiction to video games, cars, and tv, so what is the different if mine is books. At least I like working my brain. I can't help getting into a good book.

I don't want to sell my books. I don't want to get rid of them and yes I will keep spending money on them. Books make me happy. I love the stories. I love the adventures. I love the mystery. I love the characters I am able to love. I am addicted. I love seeing overflowing bookshelves. Why is it so much to ask for someone who could understand this. I just want to get excited with someone about books. I am tired of hearing that I need to get rid of some or sell them. I am not selling my books either. I get rid of books I don't like by giving them away. I want to be able to enjoy the things I like with someone else. Not to mention I don't want to have to fight about the things that I love either.

Honestly is this too much to ask? Am I not understanding enough. Am I too quick to judge? IS it too much to ask? I just don't understand at all. I try so hard to be interested in the things that he likes and the things that he wants to do but it is pulling teeth to get him to be interested in what I like. Then we he says he will try it ends up turning out to be a miserable time for myself. In all honestly I want someone to be able to have fun with me not just feel like it is a chore for them to try to be interested in what I am interested in. Like I said maybe i ask too much but this is what I want. Maybe I will have more babbling soon.

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