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Book Review: Anya and the Shy Guy by Suze Winegardner

"Anya and the Shy Guy" by Suze Winegardner has such amazing characters. They had so much depth to them. If you want to see some great characters, this is definitely the book to read. I love when I get to really know the characters. Fleshed out character is what makes reading worthwhile. With all the secrets and lies that are embedded in this story, it is hard not to worry about whether each character would be found out. Anya is working for Wow Sounds as a reporter. The Wow Sounds website said that she is married with kids however she is actually only seventeen years old. Anya grew up on the streets always moving from different shelters. Since she has experience in floating around, she was told to follow around Will Fray to write an article about him.

Now this Will Fray that Anya has to follow around isn't truly Will Fray. The current Will Fray is actually Matt Fray. Now Matt Fray is Will's twin brother. The real Will Fray injured himself and ended up in rehab. Since no one in the band knows how truly bad Will hurt himself, Matt replaced him. Matt has to be like Will all the time and it is hard because there is so many little things that Will does that Matt has to try to remember. Then when Matt catches himself slipping up, he has to find ways to cover up his mistakes.

When Anya and Will (Matt) meet, they hit it off. They are completely awkward together. Since they both have really big secrets and they aren't sure who to trust. Their relationship is so endearing and loveable. It is super cute. It is fun to watch the two of them interact because it is like watching two little kids learn to play with each other. I love it. These characters were amazing.

I have to say that the part I was disappointed in, is the fact that the ending was rushed. The conflict in the story was always easily resolved. It seemed like the conflict didn't last long at all. With that being said, I do have to say that I really liked this novel and I think it is definitely worth reading. If anyone wants to learn more about good character development, then definitely read this books.

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