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Book Review: The Duff by Kody Keplinger

"The Duff" by Kody Keplinger was definitely an interesting book. I've heard that people have either loved it or hated it. I am kind of on the fence. I wasn't hat impressed. I didn't love or hate it though. I do have to say that the movie didn't do anything for the book at all. I thought the movie was terrible. This review isn't about the movie, it is about the book.

Bianca Piper has always been the cynical and funny friend and what she considers to be the least beautiful out of the trio. When Wesley Rush informs Bianca that she is the 'Duff' of the group, which means The Designated Ugly Fat Friend, this really upsets her. Bianca decides that she wants nothing to do with Wesley and that he is horrible for the things that he stated. When she gets paired with Wesley for a school project, the two of them begin to have a fling.

I feel like this whole book is teenage drama and i really couldn't get into it at all. The character weren't very well written and I was disappointed about the casual sex that is in this book. It is treated as if sex isn't a big deal and people just hook up. For something that has become so popular, I wish it would have been a much better novel with much better role models.

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