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Book Review: Joyride by Anna Banks

Carly's parents were deported back to Mexico three years ago. Since her brother Julio and her were born in the United States, they were able to stay behind. Since then they've worked hard to pay for the fees charged by "El Libratoador" to bring their parents back across the Texas border. Carly works really hard for her family. She tries her best to get good grades because she wants to be able to make a better life for her family.

I love how Banks is able to take a serious topic and cover it with such grace and then on top of that she still puts fun and a sense of humor into he story. The main characters would have fun midnight prank sessions. Carly was this very serious girl until Arden moss, the sheriff's son, decides that she will make the perfect wingman. Arden and Carly have a very interesting relationship. The two of them are complete opposites. Arden is a sheriff's son and then Carly is the daughter of illegal immigrants. Right there they have issues because secrets have to be kept.

Banks creates a very realistic story for her readers. Carly was being used to support her family and also to bring them back illegally into the country. This became a definite problem for everyone. "Joyride" was definitely a good book to address these issues and I really enjoyed. The characters were great. I really think that the subject matter was handled very well.

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