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Book Review: One Last Thing by Rebecca St James

"One Last Thing" by Rebecca St. James is an amazing read. This story begins with what seems to be the perfect couple. Seth and Tara have been planning their wedding and with only 21 days left tile the wedding, Tara discovers that Seth has a pornography addiction. Tara and Seth have been together for three years and well Tara confronts Seth about it. Seth states that it is nothing that he won't need the porn once they get married that he only uses it now because he isn't have sex with Tara. Tara truly wants to believe Seth, but it doesn't feel right. Seth has three weeks to get over using and watching porn.

The topic this book covers is so real. There are so many people who have to deal with this situation in their lives. I think this is a great topic that needs to be covered for people. "One Last Thing" covers this heavy topic very well. This not only shows how Tara and Seth are effected. Then Tara has to deal with everyone else's reaction and thoughts to Seth's addiction.

I thought "One Last Thing" was a really good novel. I thought it covered important issues in a well written way. This story is written in first person through Tara's eyes. Tara is given some very hard choices to make and she had to wrestle with working things out with Seth or walking away. Seth has a problem that is not only damaging to him but damaging to others. Even thought Tara has the support of her family, it can make things extremely difficult too because she doesn't want to bad mouth the man that she loves.

I think this is a very well written book and others should definitely read it. It shows some really good sides on how to handle and deal with these kind of situations. It is definitely worth the read. I really liked it.


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