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Book Review: Torn by Avery Hastings

I wasn't too impressed with "Feuds," the first novel in "The Feuds" series. I have to say that "Torn" has redeemed the series for me. Davis and Cole are in love. Davis believes that Cole is dead. In reality Cole is not dead, he is in hiding. All Cole really wants to do is save Davis from TOR-N. Davis is stuck on a corrupt island where people are continually dying each day. If Davis can find a way to escape TOR-N and find a cure, she may be able to save the people that she loves.

Torn" by Avery Hastings is written in dual point of view with the story being told by Davis and Cole. I think the dual point of view in "Torn" wad done very well. The reader was able to get a broader view on what is really going on. Narxis is continually killing people and the goal is to find a cure and then of course for Cole and Davis to reunite. Since Davis doesn't know that Cole is alive, she is more focused on trying to find that cure.

I think the hard thing with this story is that the characters seemed to be out of conflict so easy. They didn't have to struggle much at all. I feel like if there was more complicated situations and characters struggles. The biggest issue I still have with this series is that I really didn't get to know the characters. That is disappointing to me. I think is the characters had to work a little more for what they wanted, then that would give them for depth. For these two characters that are supposedly so in love, they didn't seem to convey their love to each other much either. I think they shared a few issues towards the end of the book once they found each other but there just wasn't much love in the story for two characters that are supposed to be madly in love.

I do think that the writing needs some improvement. I don't feel like writing was as good as it could have been. That is something that comes with experience. I think if Hastings keeps at writing that it will get much better.

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