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Book Review: With a Twist by Staci Hart

I wasn't as in love with this novel. I do think that "With a Twist" by Staci Hart was really good. West and Lily were a very sweet couple. It took a lot in me though not to yell at them to just admit their feelings. I think the story really took off once West and Lily could admit their true feelings to each other.

Hart writes this novel in order to draw her  reader into the story and the words just come to life on the page. This is such a sweet romantic novel. I love reading about two characters that are the best of friends and they fall in love. I think that is the way that love should be. Two best friends that fall in love and spend their lives together.

Lily ends up landing her dream guy Blane and well Blane is a jerk. That is speaking nicely. As Lily continues her hooking up with Blane, West starts becoming very protective of Lily. Blane only wants to hook up and Lily wants more.

As Blane and Lily becoming jealous of each other, it becomes so obvious that they are in love with each other. They just don't realize it yet. I spent a good chunk of the story just wishing it would dawn on them. I really enjoyed West and Lily's romance. I hope that many get to experience the romance they have. I am looking forward to Bad Habits book no. 2. Definitely check out this sweet romance because I think all will like it.

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