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Spotlight Excerpt: Bailey's Road by B. G. Simpson

Jackie  sensed Betty was honest about not snuggling up to Bailey. he was in the master suite by himself, and that quirky little boy with unstable movements had cuddled u to him. She saw a crinkled blanket lying on the couch and knew.

Much later, Bailey woke in the darkness of the room. he would have been able to hear a pin drop if appropriate. He notice even Ryan was gone. Everyone had deserted him. Even though the room was cool, a line of sweat rolled off his face. The heavy weight of worry laced his heart. A digital red light mirrored the time to be almost 7:00 p.m. Reminiscent flashing vivid pictures of the last two days blurred through his mind. Bailey reached up and turned on the light. He slammed his head back down on the pillow, trying to gather his thoughts. Smells of soft pleasured perfume came back to memory. He recalled yet he knew there to be none. She was grieving at the time, and nothing was meant by her forward productions of an emotional breakdown. yet her physical finesse of closeness touched his heart. She was detached from losing her grandmother. It was an understadable misunderstanding. She was different from girls he knew in high school. Then a baning on the front door pulled his from memories of tender moemnts and young girls making his heart stir.

Bailey got up and headed for the door. he saw Ryan from the eyehold. With a scrunched-up nose, with curious eyes with a scratch and sniff like intelligence, he was just as inquisitive little boy trying to get by. Once the door opened, he looked up at Bailey like he had all the right answers for the things that were about to happen as youth doesn't always understand the path taken.

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