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Book Review: Weightless by Sarah Bannan

Carolyn Lessing just moved from New Jersey to a small town in Alabama. Being the new girl in a small town everyone is interested in what she is doing. Carolyn is a very sweet very intelligent young lady which immediately draws the school's star quarterback to her side. Shane Duggan is currently dating another girl but immediately starts giving Carolyn attention, so because of all of this the popular group of girls begin to attack her. These popular girls take to social media to tear Carolyn down. Carolyn starts to exclude herself from people and she starts getting thinner. Then Carolyn starts showing up at swim practice with scars on her arms and legs.

"Weightless" by Sarah Bannan is a very realistic story. Things like this really do happen in real life. This story is told by a "We" first person observation. The "we" is never really identified. I would assume that it is students on the swim team. No one does anything to help or fix Carolyn's situation. I hope that when others are reading this story that they are reading it with an open mind and are able to learn from it. Bullying happens so much and now living in the age of technology it is so easy to bully someone online and it hurts just the same as in person. I think Bannan did a good job bringing such a realistic story to the surface.

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