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Book Review: Breakaway by Kat Spears

"Breakaway" by Kat Spears is about four guys that have always been friends but now that they are upon senior year, they realise that they aren't sure what they have in common to story friends. Jason's sister passed away he is trying to stay close to his friends. All he can see is that his life is falling apart. As each one of the guys goes their own way and this friendship group breaks apart, Jason ends up finding comfort in Riane. With Riane, Jason is able to find a connect that he no longer has with his friends.

Mario is now hanging with a different crowd of friends and trying drugs. Jordie is starting to lean more towards his family life. He is starting to think that being rich makes him different from everyone else and that he doesn't have anything in common with them anymore. Chick is the odd one out. His friends look out for him but no one has ever found a true way to connect with Chick. Now it is time that everyone moves on and discovers themselves.

I had a hard time falling in love with this book. I don't think the characters were easy to relate too. A reader wants to find something in a novel to connect too and I don't feel like "Breakaway" had that connection for me. I couldn't find a love for the characters. They seemed rather flat to me rather than being alive in their story. Raine would get mad at Jason for every little thing. I honestly don't think that she treated him very well. I feel like Raine came across more as a spoiled rich kid than anything else.

I feel like Spears put so many issues into the story but never truly gave any one answers or resolutions to their problems. Instead the story just ended. I feel like there should have been so much more to this story and there just wasn't. I was really disappointed by that. I think Spears had a great idea. I just don't think it was executed in the best way. I am ready to see what else Spears may have up her sleeve.

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