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Book Review: The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West

"The Fill-in Boyfriend" by Kasie West is a great read. I was immersed into the story right away. I got addicted to this story right away. I was very invested in Gia and her story. The story starts out with Gia being dumped right outside of her school where she is supposed to walk into prom with her boyfriend. As Gia cries in the parking lot she sees a guy staring at her from his vehicle. She asks if he would be willing to pretend to be her boyfriend just so that her friends don't think she is a liar. He agrees to it and that is when everything changes. Now Gia owes this mysterious boy a favor.

I really liked West's story because I feel like she provided the reader with great characters that were easy to relate too. Gosh, I felt like West was going to rip my heart out a few times though. My heart broke for Gia a lot. It felt like things were going to go good for her and then everything would just fall a part. I couldn't believe what Gia was going through but I was so proud of her at the same time because she was learning so much. I think Gia grew up a lot in this book and I was so proud of her by the end. I do wish that the ending was a little bit different. Hey,, I reader can't have everything right?

The writing. Oh goodness. I think West is a great writer. this was such an amazing story and she was able to draw me in as the reader and keep me addicted. I can't wait to read more of West's books. I think this novel had a wonderful pace and that the characters were written very well. I really hope that she brings Gia and the gang back because I would love to have a story about Bec. I think Bec would make a great main character. Definitely check out this book because I think it is amazing.

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