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Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

"Throne of Glass" by Sarah J Maas is amazing. I am in love with these characters and this book and this series! I own both the audiobook and the hardcover. I kept going back and forth between the two depending on if I was out and about or just at home. Celaena is Adarlan's assassin. The Prince and his Captain have come to get Celaena out of Endovier to compete in a competition to become the King's champion. If Celaena wins she can eventually have her freedom after being the King's assassin. As Celaena cooperates to gain her freedom, she learns that something strange is going on in the castle.

"Throne of Glass" was inspired by "Cinderella". While viewing the scene in which Cinderella flees from the ball, Maas found that she thought the soundtrack was "way too dark and intense." Maas began to imagine that it may be an assassin that is fleeing the palace. I have to say that I like that Maas was able to form and create this entire world with just the thought that the music was too dark and intense for the scene in the classic Disney movie of "Cinderella".

Back to the matter at hand. "Throne of Glass" is an amazing novel. Maas writes in a way that has the reader completely addicted within the first few pages. I feel like Maas did a great job with the characters of this novel. They were all very complex and very well though out. Celaena is definitely a strong women with her own opinions. She doesn't just fawn over Dorian because he is the prince. I feel like she gives a good amount of snarkiness to Chaol. Celaena makes a great heroine. I am not totally sure the love triangle in this book is really a long triangle because I feel like Celaena knows who she wants. I don't feel like she is super wishy-washy about the men.

I was never too fond of Dorian. He is just a character to me. I don't feel entirely invested in him at this point. I know who I want Celaena to be with and I think that is who she wants also. I like very much thought that Dorian was so very human with Celaena. He didn't treat her like he was worth more than or that he should belittle her. Dorian treated Celaena like any other person adn I thought that was very sweet of him and showed how much he didn't believe in how his father treated people.

Chaol. I have a love hate relationship with Chaol. Yes I do want him to be with Celaena. I think him and Celaena would make a great pair. They definitely balance each other out. Chaol wants to protect Celaena and keep her safe even though it irritates him that he has to babysit her a lot. That or just that she ignores him and won't follow his directions. Then as the story goes on he becomes very sweet on her and I think it is so very cute.

Maas did an excellent job with this novel and I am definitely continuing this series.

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