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Book Review: Autumn Brides

A September Bride

Annie Price has always wanted a home and a family. Annie grew up in the foster care system and all she truly wants is to belong somewhere. When a woman that Annie meets in an online book group wants to retire and hand Annie the keys to her bookstore, Annie packs up her bags and jumps on the opportunity. The towns people of Red Leaf, Wisconsin welcomes Annie with opening arms but the bookstore owner’s son Jesse Kent is a little skeptical about this situation. All Jesse wants to know is what are Annie’s real motives and what does she want with his mother’s bookstore. When Jesse and Annie get thrown together for a wedding reenactment, Jesse takes this as an opportunity to try to uncover Annie’s secrets. Could this wedding turn into something real?

I have to say this is one of the more entertaining novels that I have read for the year of weddings. It was a lot of fun discovering how Annie and Jesse interact with each other. The two of them not to get along at all int he beginning to having to work together for a wedding reenactment is quite hilarious. I do think this novella was wrapped up pretty quickly though so it felt a little rushed towards the end.


An October Bride

“An October Bride” by Katie Ganshert is a great novella. Ganshert is wonderful writer. She wrote such loveable characters. Emma just wants to make her father’s dream come true. Emma’s father is dying and he has a bucket list. The last item on his bucket list is to walk Emma down the aisle. Emma just wants to be able to make everything on her father’s bucket list to come true even if it means walking her down an isle she isn’t ready for. Emma broke up with her fiance when she found out that her father had cancer. Now she is thinking about whether or not she should call her ex-fiance to try to get back together.

Then Emma tells Jake about finding her father’s bucket list and he decides that they should have a pretend wedding. That way Emma’s father would be able to walk her down the aisle. Jake and Emma start planning an autumn wedding together but then things become very complicated. What will happen to Emma and Jake?

Ganshert wrote such a wonderful story. I loved this story. I thought it was written beautifully and the characters were so great. I loved getting to know Emma and Jake. Jake is such a caring guy. He seems to really like her and cares what happens to Emma. How does it happen that he is right there to save her? The one thing I did not like about the story is it seemed to go by so fast. I feel like some things in the story could have gone a little slower.


A November Bride

Sadie McAllister loves her job as a personal chef. She has the hardest time trying to find any romance for her life. Sadie likes her best friend Erik but he is the kind of guy that will date other girls for about three months and then calls it quits on the relationship. She doesn’t want to be another girl marked off a list.

Erik has to learn to grow up. He loves his once a week meals with his best friend Sadie. When it becomes a possibility that Sadie may be moving away with her family, Erik realizes that Sadie means more to him then he would care to admit. Erik needs to learn that if he wants to keep Sadie then he will need to make a commitment to her.

Vogt did a great job with this novel. I thought she wrote wonderful characters that the reader was able to relate to and like. I think the novella was beautifully written. I enjoyed getting to know Sadie and Erik. I hope other readers do too.

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