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Book Review: Falling for the P.I. by Victoria James

"Falling for the P.I." by Victoria James is an emotional read. Kate has adopted a daughter with down syndrome, so she doesn't have much of a social life. Kate spends all of her time with her daughter and her sisters. So Kate's sisters decides that Kate needs to find a guy. When Kate meets Matt Lane, she decides to give him a chance however there is a guy that Matt is friends with that is the leading cause of Kate's issues.

Kate and Matt have a beautiful story, full of love, issues, drama, and lessons. I really liked getting to know these to characters. I feel like they are very likeable characters who both deserve to find love and be happy. This story just makes the reader hope for the very best. I feel like the story had a good pace to it and that it was able to move along. I think this is a story to give a chance. You may find that you will like it.


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