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Book Review: How to Catch A Prince by Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck is a fantastic author. I love her novels. "How to Catch a Prince" by Rachel Hauck is such a wonderful read. This is the third novel in the Royal Wedding series. American heiress, Corina Del Rey, has a very close kept secret. She was married to a prince once upon a time. This marriage of hers was annulled, so that she was able to move on with her life, thinking that she would never see her prince again.

When Prince Stephen receives word that he is still married. The only way he can still have the marriage annulled is by both him and his once upon a time wife appear for the courts. Prince Stephen now has to try to track down Corina in order to straighten out this situation before his coronation.

Corina and Stephen are such great characters. I love them to death. I think her character is written so well. Hauck was just designed to write fairy tales and love stories. She has not written a book that I wasn't addicted too right away. Corina definitely has the personality of someone who sticks up for her and doesn't let anyone walk all over her. She is amazing. With everything that she has had to go through in her life, I am so impressed that she is still keeping her head above water. Stephen has his problems also but I feel like in the end he works with Corina so well. It is no question how they fell in love.

Hauck has a way of writing magic into a story. A reader can't help being swept away in such a magical way. I love that Hauck has the ability to let her readers escape in the worlds she creates. "How to Catch a Prince" is definitely a magical story that all women and girls should read. There is so much love to these characters and story. This gets a huge recommendation from me. It is always a bonus that you can read this story as a standalone or read the whole series.

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