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Book Review: Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck has a way of writing a modern fairy tale. Susanna finds out that the person she planned on marrying doesn't want to marry her anymore, her car has a flat tire, and some creepy dude won't leave her along. Can the day get any better or worse? Then Nate comes by and helps her change the tire on her car. Unknown to Susanna, Nate is the Prince of Brighton. Nate thinks that he has found love at first sight but there is one issue. His father is dying so he may have to leave soon. Then Susanna finds out who Nate really is and that messes everything up.

I think this is a very sweet tale of two people trying to get to know each other. Then everything seems to come their way. A dying parent, a hidden identity, and a kingdom. What are these two love birds to do? I think Susanna and Nate are two characters that are written very well. I really enjoyed getting to know them and their stories.

Hauck writes such beautiful descriptions. Brighton has such beautiful structures and landscapes. I feel like Hauck really puts her soul into her books with the characters and the setting. Who wouldn't want to escape to Brighton in their minds. I wish I had a gorgeous place to escape to everyday like that. I was swept away. I think this book is great for any woman who just wants to get swept away in romance and love.

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