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Book Review: Princess Ever After by Rachel Hauck

Regina left her CPA position to follow her heart and restore classic cars. She is enjoying her time finishing up her first restoration of a car when she finds out that she is this long-lost princess. Now Regina has to find out if she can connect with people and be able to rule a country. That is a lot to find out in a night. Regina doesn't truly believe that she is of foreign royal heritage. She was very honest about how she felt with being terrified of no longer knowing what may happen in her future.

This was not my favorite "Royal Weddings" series but it was still really good all the same. This novel is very well written. Hauck does a fantastic job writing her "Royal Weddings" books. These stories are written for those that love fairy tales. I think the biggest part of the story that I didn't like was that the characters were just a bit rough for me. I had a harder time connecting to these characters over the other ones. I also think it is great that Hauck is able to provide important life lessons to her books without losing the entertaining side of things.

There were also a few parts of the story that had really slow parts. The romance part was a little hard at times. It felt like it was being rushed. The main character is a 29 year old women that has never been kissed and she is rushing with a guy she barely knows. It seems like things would go a little slower in that aspect and she would just be in love. I feel like them being in love started way before they decided if they were a couple or not. I still liked the story I just think this one is a little bit more flawed.

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