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Book Review: Rome in Love by Anita Hughes

"Rome in Love" is the story of young actress Amelia. She is cast to play a rendition of Audrey Hepburn's role of Princess Ann in Roman Holiday. While in Rome Amelia is able to meet real life Princess Sophie who is in Rome taking a break from her royal duties. Amelia is taking this as a chance not only to follow her dream of being an actress but getting to know many Italian venues with Princess Sophie. Then Amelia's boyfriend breaks up with her over the phone. Amelia begins to have a hard time trying to figure out what she truly wants in her life. Then when Amelia gets to stay in the old hotel room that Audrey Hepburn stayed in, she finds some secret letters that Audrey wrote.

To be honest, I was really liking the book until Amelia's love life began to overshadow what she was learning about herself and about life. I really liked that Amelia was learning new things about herself as she was filming the remake of Roman Holiday. Then everything with Philip began overshadowing everything and then the book wasn't so much fun anymore. I think the story should have focused more on Amelia and what she was able to discover. The author also seemed to focus on brand names a lot. I understand that a lot of actors and actresses become very wealthy but it almost seemed like this had a sponsor plug-in feel to it a lot.

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