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Book Review: Spinning Starlight by R. C. Lewis

"Spinning Starlight" by R. C. Lewis is a retelling of "The Wild Swans" fairy tale. Since this isn't a hugely popular fairy tale, I will give you a little bit of background. "The Wild Swans" is a literary fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. This story is about a princess who rescues her eleven brothers from a spell that was cast by an evil queen. This King marries a wicked queen who ends up being a witch. Out of spite, the queen turns all the sons into swans. Then Elisa the daughter gets banished. That is just the beginning, so back to "Spinning Starlight".

For the readers out there that don't know, "Spinning Starlight" would be a companion novel to "Stitching Snow". This is a different world and a different set of characters. Liddi is the heir to the Jantzen Technology Innovations Company. Liddi finds out that her brothers are in danger and unfortunately her voice has been taken away, so she may no longer speak to anyone. After her brothers take her to safety, Liddi learns that not only her family is being threatened but the entire eight planets are in danger.

I feel like "Spinning Starlight" was just so-so. I really didn't like the author's writing. I felt that the story just didn't flow right. The retelling in itself was a very creative idea, I just don't feel like it was fully developed. The book becomes really slow as you move through and it seems like it takes Liddi forever to get from point A to point B. I don't feel like "Spinning Starlight" was the book for me.

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