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Graphic Novel: Saga Vol. 1

"Saga" is a space opera that is so very addicting. Alana is from the planet Landfall and Marko hails from the planet's moon Wreath. These two peace have beeen at war for years. Alana and Marko end up falling in love. Then if you fast-forward several months, at least 9, Alana gives birth to their child Hazel. Hazel is the narrator of the story. This graphic novel series is one of the most talked about.

My best friend Iris (@Irisjexx) decided to start this series together. I love graphic novels but until recently I didn't own any. I usually would just look at them in the stores. Iris has slowly got me addicted to buying them. Saga was a lot different than I expected but still really good. I enjoyed the story a lot. I am greatly entertained by the child infant being the one to narrate the story. I am looking forward to many more of these volumes.

I thin Saga is a story that is very easy to get addicted too. You start to invest in these characters that you want to see survive because everyone is after them. You have the whole galaxy wanting to kill Alana and Marko and capture Hazel as some science expirment. Then along the way people make new friends or other family members join in. In a way Alana and Marko have showed that these two races can make peace but no one wants to believe it. Instead they want to keep people at war by assuming the worst in people. If you want to get into graphic novels, this is a good series to look at.

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