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Tragedy happened yesterday. People lost their lives. People lost their loved ones. I am lucky because my loved ones came home. Just because they came home does not mean that this tragedy did not affect us. It could have easily been my loved one that was harmed and killed. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those that lost someone yesterday. My heart goes out to all the first responders.

Don't make this tragedy about you and your gun control issues. Don't make this about politics. These are people who were harmed. There families and friend deserve your sympathy and your condolences. This is not about people's opinions. This is my hometown. My Community. My friends. My Family. My School. I may have not been in peril but I got to wait to hear whether my sister, cousin, and friends got out safe. I am still waiting to hear about people I care about. I spent most of my day yesterday crying and stressing. Yesterday wasn't about me either. I just happened to one of the people who was majorly affected by yesterday's events.

Our community will probably never be the same again. People are going to wonder if it is okay to go to school. Others have to learn to live life again. For those fighting for your lives. My prayers go to you and your loved ones. I hope that the death count does not go up and people fighting pull through. This man does not deserve to take more people down. He does not deserve to have credit. He does not deserve to be mentioned. Those who were victimized are important and they deserve to be mentioned and mourned and thought of. Lets make this about them.

Yesterday was very eye-opening for me. All I could see on social media was people debating and arguing over gun control issues and laws. To me that is sad. It is sad that instead of pulling together and supporting a community that is losing loved ones and that are scared, people chose to be selfish and only think about themselves. For people to protest about try to further traumatized those that just went through a horrible event are despicable.

To Mr. President: Thank you for using this tragedy as an opportunity to plug your agenda. I could really feel the sympathy from your heart. Guess what?! I am so glad that I never voted for you. I can't wait for the day that you are no longer in office. That was definitely not the time or place to plug your agenda for the world. It would have been nice if you maybe extended a little more sympathy towards the world.

This community will pull together because we support each other. We care about each other. Being as little as 20,000 people. We all know or are familiar with each other. They need donations of O Negative and O Positive blood, so those willing to donate would be a blessing. I am praying for everyone. I hope that peace ends up in our hearts and those traumatized are able to recover. For those fighting for your life, keep on fighting. I send all my love. To my fellow Students, Friends, Neighbors, and Loved Ones #WeAreUCC.


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