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Book Clubs: Yes or No?

I've been thinking a lot about book clubs lately. I know that may be a weird thing to think about. Do people like book clubs? That is my biggest question.

Do you like book clubs?

I like book clubs. I like reading a book that others are reading and discussing it. I don't attend any in person book clubs. I have participated in a few online based book clubs. I even did the Owl Crate book club with the subscription box for the time being. I like being on the same page as others and having a chance to read a book that they are reading. I could talk about books all day long.

Online Vs. In Person

I really like online book clubs because you can have a lot of people to join in. Trying to get everyone on the same schedule to have a chat is hard. A person has a few different options that can do. One can try to get everyone together and do a chat or you can leave the chart open by using a hashtag so that way when people have time they can stop by and respond to people. If one does it that way then you could have a conversation that goes on for days.

The Benefits

I think the benefit of a book club is to connect with others like you. We all want to make friends at meet people that we can discuss our favorite thins with and I feel like a book club is a great opportunity to those that love books. I get the chance to share with others how I feel about a book with them. Plus I get to hear what other people think. I like discussing books with others because everyone has a different opinion or understand things differently and I feel like we all can learn from each other.

What are your thoughts?

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