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Book Review: Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

Julep Dupree is a grifter. The one thing you really need to know about her is that Julep Dupree is not her real name. The reader actually doesn't ever find out her real name unless you figure out the clues that Mary Elizabeth Summer leaves for you. Julep Dupree is a con-artist and she comes from a family of con-artists. This is the life that Julep has known all of her life. Julep really wants to make something of herself. She goes to a fancy school for rich kids in order to earn a good education so she can go to college. Then her dad goes missing and now she needs to find him.

I love Julep's character. I think there is so much too her. I love the mystery that is presented to the reader. The reader gets to follow Julep in her search for her dad or what could have happened to her dad. I was pulled into this story right away and was completely hooked. I love it so much. I thin all the characters were great. I wanted to throw the book at Summer a few times because of incidents that happened.

Summer really shows how great of a writer she is, with this novel. For a debut novel she did a fantastic job. I would put her name up their with Ally Carter who does great mystery/ puzzle solving novels. I would keep coming back for more of Julep and her gang of friends. I feel like Julep learned a lot in this first novel and I am completely ready to dive into the second one. This was a page turner and I am looking forward to the second one being another page turner.

Even though Julep is pretty much a juvenile criminal she is such a lovable character because she is so smart and creative. She really puts a lot of thought into the work that she does and she wants to help other accomplish things too. I love that Julep has goals for her life. I really love this main character and I think others will too!

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