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Graphic Novel: Death to the World (iZombie)

I am a huge fan of the iZombie tv show. When I saw that it was based on the comic book, I had to try it. I have only read Volume One and I am already addicted. Even though the tv show and the comic/graphic novel are nothing alike I love it. I really like the fact that even though the stories have the same concept they have their own uniqueness. I feel like I get too different stories.

This iZombie story Gwen works in a graveyard. She also lives in the crypt in the graveyard with her friend that is a ghost. She is not in touch with any of her family. Everyone thinks she is dead. I love that this comic takes place in Eugene, OR because this is a place that I am familiar with. It is kind of cool to see what the interpretation is around that city. With how many things are different, I do feel like the tv show and comic are completely different and only share a common name. This graphic novel is very tame to many. There are some snide comments but there isn't any nudity. There is a vampire who seduces a guy in order to drink his blood. I really like the comic. I am excited to continue the series.

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