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Spotlight: Dream Things True by Marie Marquardt

"Dream Things True" by Marie Marquardt is a sweet story about an all American 17-year-old boy named Evan falls in love with a 16-year-old Mexican immigrant named Alma. Alma's father works for Evan's family landscapers. When these two teenagers meet it is like love at first sight. Things are already difficult for the two of them because Evan comes from a wealthy family and Alma's father is very strict not allowing her to have much time to herself. Alma's father just wants to keep Alma and the rest of the family safe from getting deported back to Mexico.

This is a really sweet story. I loved how Evan and Alma tried everything they could just to spend time with each other. I think Marquardt did a wonderful job writing this story. The characters are so easy to love and their issues are so real. This story shows how being undocumented immigrants really affects a family. I thought this was a cute story but also informative at the same time. I love that it is written for young adults. This is a great book to read.

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