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Spotlight: The Last Midwife by Sandra Dallas

Mini Review:

Sandra Dallas brings her readers another great book in "The Last Midwife." Gracy Brookens has spent her entire life either helping deliver babies or doing the delivery herself. Gracy has had a difficult time giving birth to her own children due to numerous miscarriages. Gracy did manage to have her son Jeff and another mother gave Gracy, Emma to raise due to the mother having too many children. Emma's life ended early due to a tragic end.

When Gracy is accused of murdering a baby who was recently born, she is faced with a court trial that will determine whether she is guilty or innocent. In order to help prove her innocence, Gracy may need to reveal some terrible secrets about the people in town and herself. What will Gracy do?

I thought Dallas did a wonderful job with this story. She was able to keep the readers on their toes and she brought fantastic characters to the stories. I really enjoyed getting to know Gracy and hearing her story.

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