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Book Review: Before Goodbye by Mimi Cross

This is a story about Cate. Cate starts off the book hanging out with her best friend Cal who she also has feelings for. Then everything comes crashing down and Cal dies in a car accident. Now Cate is recovering and blames herself for everything. Now David is the other point of view in this story but I feel like he is more there to support Cate in the process that she goes through since he has been through something similar. This story is about the process of these characters healing.

The hard thing about this story, is I feel like it jumps all over the place. There isn't a consistent plot line. I love the music that was incorporated into the story. Cross really knows her music and I thought it was great through out the book. IT is the writing that is hard to keep up with. Cate is in love with Cal but then she is in love with David. She meets Dale later in the book. It feels like Cate make up her mind and to be honest it feels like David and Cate really didn't spend that much time together.

David really struggles from the peer pressure of his dad to be more like his brother that died. David ends up just to hooking up with girls to escape his pain. I think the hard part for me with David is I wanted to feel bad for him but then he would make sure bad choices that I just didn't care about him anymore. He would berate himself for how he treated girls he hooked up with, but then he would still do it. I just didn't completely understand it.

Cate is a hard character to like I feel like she is just all over the place. It is hard to figure out what she likes and when. She tries to be strong for David in the beginning of the novel and she was in between liking David and Cal. Not sure which one she wanted to be with. I feel like I couldn't connect with Cate at all.

I would probably check out another Mimi Cross book but this one just wasn't for me. Please check out my interview with Mimi Cross by click the link here.

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