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Book Review: Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes

I loved "Liars, Inc!" There were twists and turns through out the entire story. I feel like Paula Stokes out did herself with this one. "Liars, Inc" is a young adult thriller that will have readers hooked until the very last page. It has been hard trying to find a really good thriller for young adult readers. I feel like Stokes was able to hit the thriller genre right on the mark. "Liars, Inc" is a story that will keep the readers guessing. Even if one thinks they have everything figured out, they will find out that they are completely wrong. It was so hard not peaking ahead to see what was going to happen.

The characters in "Liars, Inc." were fantastic. I really enjoyed the characters. The characters had me guessing the whole time of who was guilty. I couldn't help but keep Max as a suspect. Each character had so many sides. These are some of the most dynamic characters I've ever read about. Max, Preston, and Parvati were all really good friends. Max was dating Parvati and Preston was both of their best friend. Life was great until Preston goes missing. Everyone believes that Max got rid of Preston. Parvati came across as a sketchy rich girl for the majority of the book. As the reader I knew something was up with her even though I couldn't figure it out. Max was always doubting his relationship, not understanding why Parvati wants to be with a poor adoptive kid like himself. The one thing I didn't care for is everything about Parvati screamed sex and I feel like it was a bit much.

This story is such a good one. I think this novel really shows how talented of a writer Stokes is. I am looking forward to more books from her. I enjoyed all of her past novels. I am ready for something new and fun. I love how Stokes is able to engage her readers and keep them guessing and of coursed hooked. I like when novels are fast reads that have a great pace to them. I think that makes is much easier for someone to read a book.

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