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Book Review: This May Sound Crazy by Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin has a book?! Okay so I was intrigued but not impress. Lots of celebrities have books now. Why should Breslin be any different? One day I was bored and wandering around, so I picked of Breslin's book just to take a look at it. I scanned it as I was waiting and found that I really liked the unique style that the book was written in. I don't know if that was Breslin's idea or the editor's but I was very intrigued and wanted to read further. I decided to order my own copy. Little did I know that I would devour this book in a two hours. Did I get much out of this but it wasn't written for me. It is written for teenagers. Specifically the ages of 15-18. Breslin even throws a bit in there about drinking in London, so you can even include some young 20 year olds in there.

I loved the way the book was done. I think it is great and fun. Breslin has a great voice. It is unique and all her own. I think for her first book as a teenager is good. It isn't a fantasy novel it is more about Breslin's advice to girls like her. The biggest issue I had been the abbreviations, hastages, nicknames like "bae." People really need to stop using the word "bae." Do people not know that "bae" means poop in Danish? Anyway getting off topic. I liked Breslin's unique voice about her life and her experiences. I look for unique books like this because I am trying to find my own unique voice as a writer. It is nice to see that people can do things that are nontraditional. I think people shouldn't be so harsh. This book has a bit of a tumblr theme to it. I can see that it may annoy some people and others may like it. I love that it is different.

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