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Book Review: 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

"99 Days" by Katie Cotugno is a book that drove my crazy. Let me start by reviewing all the good things and then I will tell you why "99 Days" drove me crazy. I loved the way the chapters are set up in this book. there are 99 chapters for the 99 days that we follow our main character Molly. Molly is returning home for the summer from boarding school. She is dreading it like crazy because she didn't leave town on good terms. As soon as she got back the rumors started flying again along with the egging of her house and crude notes and whispers.

As the story goes on the reader finds out day by day what happened to make Molly run away to boarding school and then what is currently happening now in the present. I love how Molly is able to tell her story. No one seems to care about Molly's side of things. Then when Gabe the older brother of Molly's ex-boyfriend becomes the only person to talk to her in town. Rumors really start to fly. It was something that happened between Molly, Patrick, and Gabe last year.

I don't want to spill too much, so I am going to talk more about my reaction. I was listening to the audiobook which was good. I loved the narrator and I thought she was really good at narrating the story. The narration kept me entertained to keep up with the book. To be completely honest, the heroine was driving me crazy. Allyson Ryan is so great. She makes the book a lot of fun.

Let's talk about Molly. I really liked Molly in the beginning of the book. I actually felt really bad for her. I wish that people would treat her differently. Every human makes mistakes and well I didn't feel like Molly's peers should keep punishing her. She didn't deserve what she was getting. BUT...then Molly started making mistakes and this time she knows that what she is doing is wrong. The whole time I am saying "SERIOUSLY MOLLY!!!" Why can't she figure out that what she is doing is bad. I was so frustrated with her.

Even with all of that, I still wanted Molly to end up with a happy ending and I don't really know if that really happened too her. I hope that Molly grows up while she is in college. I hope that she makes better choices and I do hope she ends up with the perfect guy. I really want her to have a happy life. I was just disappointed with how the character was written.

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