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Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Maddy has spent her entire life in a bubble of a house. Maddy has never been outside She doesn't have contact with other human beings. If anyone is going to visit with Maddy then they have to go through a sterilization process and beside Maddy's mom and her nurse, no one is allowed to visit Maddy. Both Maddy's father and brother died, so all Maddy has left is her mom and nurse. Her mom being a doctor is gone all the time. So Maddy spends her day reading and doing home schooling at home.

"Everything, Everything" keeps a reader interested to the end. Things just don't seem to be completely on the up and up. Then a family moves in next store. Now Maddy is interested in the schedules of this new family. Then Olly takes an interest in her. Olly is the  boy who just moved next door and he is interested in the mysterious girl who lives next door but never leaves her house.

Maddy and Olly begin to IM each other back and forth. Then Olly wants to meet Maddy in person and this is when their story truly begins. I love the friendship that these two create with each other. I think it is so great. I just love that even though Maddy has been granted a horrible fate, she still keeps her chin up. I just love her to death for this reason. I think both Maddy and Olly are great characters. They grow together and they learn so much from each other.

I really like the way this book is written. The pictures and the diagrams are fun and fantastic. I am always looking for a book with a unique take and well this definitely is a unique book. I love how unique Maddy's story is. I love how she is able to come into her own. This isn't my most favorite book but I think it is definitely worth reading just for the experience of how unique the story is.

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