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Book Review: Infinity Lost by S. Harrison

"Infinity Lost" is a very fast paced novel that was very enjoyable read. Infinity Blackstone, also known as "Finn" is the teenager daughter of Richard Blackstone. Richard Blackstone is the CEO of Blackstone Industries. Mr. Blackstone is the richest and most influential man and all Finn knows about him is what she hears n the television. Finn has never had the chance to meet her father.

When Finn turns 17 she starts having vivid dreams of her childhood. The interesting thing about these dreams is that she doesn't remember any of the memories and now she does. Some of the dreams that she was having include her nanny warning her of her father and then there was another one where she healed her broken arm in two days.

Enough about the synopsis part of the story. The plot was really good. I like the storyline, I think the author has something really good going. This story is fast paced and fun. It is an easy read to get through. The huge cliffhanger at the end keeps the story completely open. This book doesn't really have any closure, so if a reader wants to know the end, they have to purchase the next book.

The bummer part of the story is the character development. I think the characters weren't as developed as they should have been. I feel like I wasn't able to invest as much into the characters as I would have liked because they weren't very relatable. I do hope that Harrison works on this for the future books. It would nice to see more dynamic characters.

To wrap things up. I very much enjoyed this book. I thought it was great. I will probably read the next one because I am desperate to know what happens next.   There is a lot of violence in this book also. If you have a sensitive stomach, then this may not be the book for you. Harrison definitely gives you all the details.

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