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Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

This review is so incredibly late. "Queen of Shadows". "Queen of Shadows". "Queen of Shadows". I don't know where to begin. Maybe that is why I have been delaying writing this review. That or I just don't have time. Either way...."Queen of Shadows". I actually think I enjoyed this one a lot more than "Heir of Fire". Yeah I know, Rowan was introduced in "Heir of Fire" but I didn't like him much then. I feel like "Queen of Shadows" was really when Celaena/Aelin was coming into her own. She was really becoming a Queen at this point.

I really love how Sarah J. Maas has created a character that grows with every book. Aelin is definitely her own person. I just loved that she changed. Aelin has matured through the series and I think this is fantastic. This isn't some series where the character has the same mentality as the beginning. Aelin is still her completely stubborn self but at the same time she learns how to handle situation better. I love how complicated of a person she is.

If you are looking for insta-love this is not your book. I am not even sure this is really a love triangle type a book. As the characters grow, so do their feelings. They have feelings that grow and change. A reader is not going to find a happily ever after in this series. I know there is still at least one more book coming and I am pretty positive there isn't going to be a happy ever after in that one either. I kind of like that. I am not looking for a book with a happy love story. I like the fact that Aelin is so badass. She makes up her own mind and she doesn't let anyone stop her. I love that about her.

Chaol. (SMH). He was horrible to Aelin the entire time in this book. What did he expect her to do? Not be herself? He is mad because she is part fae and whatever but seriously get over it. Chaol and Aelin were so horrible to each other in this book, so I just don't know how things are going to go in the future. Well now they each have new love interests any way. I am really looking forward to seeing what will happen in this series because I want them to be together but then at the same time I don't because sometimes I feel like Chaol just pulls Aelin down.

Rowan. I never wanted Aelin and Rowan to be an item. I knew it was coming from the last book. They were already developing that relationship and those feelings so none of it surprised me in "Queen of Shadows". The nice thing is that Rowan does make a good match for her. I was just hoping it would be more like best friends than anything else.

I just love Sarah J. Maas writing. I think she is an excellent writer and that she does a great job. I am very impressed were the "Throne of Glass" series has gone. I look forward to reading more books because Maas knows how to capture her audience.

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