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Book Review: What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

"What We Saw" by Aaron Hartzler is a book that makes your stomach cringe because of the way teenagers treat each other. I can't imagine why people think the things they do are okay. I don't get it at all. "What We Saw" is the journey of Kate Weston and her determination to discover the truth. Kate wakes up from a massive hangover and she doesn't remember coming home. Ben, Kate's very long time best friend, makes sure that she gets home safely.

First thing Kate does is check in with her friends and of course see the picture of herself drunk. She requests that the pictures get deleted. When there are rumors at school about a girl who got too wasted. Kate things it is her until she finds out that people are really talking about Stacey.

When the cops come in and arrest the major sport stars for rape. The entire school takes the side of the jocks. Kate decides to find out what the  truth was about that night. At first Kate played off as a naive and uninteresting character. As the story went on I feel like Kate gained a bit more of herself as the book went on. By the end she had found her voice. Kate definitely grew on me as the story went on. I was really disappointed in how willingly the other characters would jump on the bandwagon on bashing the poor girl when they didn't know the whole story. It is really saw to see people do this.

"What We Saw" is a very well written novel. It is also a very disturbing story about teens and parents. I think everyone so take a good look at this book because this is not how people should be treated. I would encourage others to stand up rather than to follow the crowd.

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