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After many years and thousands of pages, the complete bind-up of Nicole Arlyn’s dark fantasy saga has finally arrived. Follow Sadie Sugarspear’s story from start to finish in THE SUGARSPEAR CHRONICLES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, available January 27!

The Sugarspear Chronicles is a fantastical epic saga unlike any fantasy series you’ve ever read before. It’s filled with romance, adventure, horror, and drama. And in honor of the complete collection finally being available, Full Fathom Five is offering the first three novellas in the series for free to twenty winners!

How do you win, you ask? Just enter using any (or all) of the methods listed in the Rafflecopter below. The more ways you enter, the higher your chances of winning three fantastic free novellas!

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Read a bit more about The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Complete Collection

The Sugarspear Chronicles begins with young Sadie suffering intolerable cruelty at the hands of her brutal stepfather. When she is alone with no one to protect her, Sadie turns to the memory of her real father, Sam Sugarspear, and the one possession he left behind: a book about an imaginary land ruled by a king who grants wishes.

One day when the abuse reaches unimaginable heights, Sadie runs away and hides inside a crevice in her beloved willow tree, where she goes to escape from the nightmare of reality. But to her surprise, the tree opens up, sending Sadie falling down, down, down into a land she’s only ever read about.

But that land is not at all like what her father described in his storybook. Instead of a blissful escape, Sadie finds herself face-to-face with the beginning of what will become a long, terrifying journey home.

Throughout her travels, she battles evil foes, giant serpents, and an evil queen, explores disappearing islands and caves filled with wonders, sails an unending ocean alongside adventurers and cowards. She grows and learns and faces her demons. She discovers love and heartbreak.

Join Sadie Sugarspear on her epic adventure, and start the series for FREE by entering to win novellas 1-3!

This giveaway ends on February 3rd, so don’t hesitate – enter to win THE SUGARSPEAR CHRONICLES today!

Curious about Sadie’s story? Read a first chapter excerpt at Full Fathom Five’s website, or download the first novella PERMAFREE from any retailer!


The Complete Sugarspear Collection:

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Novella #1 - Sadie Sugarspear and the Weeping Willow (PERMAFREE):

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