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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

This review has been long overdue for "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Sarah J. Maas. I love Celaena's story in "Throne of Glass" but I love Feyre even more. "A Court of Thorns and Roses" is an amazing retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I loved it. Besides the fact that Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite "princess" stories, I think Maas did a great job bringing this fairy tale to life. Maas is a great writer because she brings these amazing action scenes to life. As the reader that I am always drawn into the story.

In "A Court of Thorns and Roses," Feyre lives in poverty with her father and two sisters. Her sisters are very girly and Feyre is the one who seems to be the more the mature one that takes care of the family. She is the one that goes hunting and the one that sells the goods that she gets for money to feed the family. Feyre ends up getting herself mixed up in the wrong world to say the least, but that is truly where the story begins.

It was very different reading this story from Feyre's point of view. Maas wrote in third person in the "Throne of Glass" series which is what I was expecting. The first person point of view really made sense as the reader gets deeper into the story. I have to say I liked this style of writing for Maas. I thought she did a great job with it. I look forward to seeing what is in store for the next novel.

This is definitely one of those books that is on the borderline of young adult and new adult. There is some material in the book that I would classify more as a new adult novel rather than a young adult novel but then at the say time there is a young adult feel to the story as well. There is some sex in this book, so I think in that way the category should be more new adult than young adult. These characters are in more mature situations. There is some explicit content, so I do think it is borderline for both the new adult books and the young adult books.

As a reader, I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this book. The characters are great. The content is great and as much as I want to hate saying this but I just don't....I love this book more than "Throne of Glass." I think this is a great start to a new series and I am really looking forward to reading more.

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