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Book Review: Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow

"The Prophecy of Shadows" by Michelle Madow was addicting. I couldn't stop reading. I was fascinated from the very beginning. "The Prophecy of Shadows" is the first book in a new series by Michelle Madow. This book focuses on a young girl named Nicole. Now Nicole is starting a new school and has been placed in a mysterious home room honors class. Basically this is a class that helps students with powers. This story is about Nicole finding out who she truly is.

I really liked Michelle Madow's take on Greek Mythology. I think it is very interesting and I am looking forward to learning more. Madow mixes Greek Mythology with a bit of witchcraft. I really like the prophecy take on the story. There are these kids that have to figure out how to work together because of this prophecy and the fact that each one of them brings something different to the table. I think this is a great way to create diversity in not only the story but the characters.

Madow did a great job writing these characters. I love how Nicole has embraced this new life of hers and how she tries to get along with everyone. Blake is definitely a player in my eyes. I don't think he should be treating Nicole and Danielle like he is. Even though I really don't like Danielle (at the moment, she could improve), I do think that she deserves better. I feel like each character has an important place in the book, so I am looking forward to seeing how everything unravels.

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