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Book Review: Undertow by Michael Buckley

I loved "Undertow" by Michael Buckley. Parts of this book reminded me a lot of the tv show that played on CW "Starcrossed." Instead of Aliens, we are faced with some sort of fish creatures called the Alpha. Everything has changed in Coney Island.

Lyric Walker is a 16-year-old girl who used to be a wild child. She used to get herself into all kind of trouble but for the last several years she has just been lying low. She shows up to school when she is supposed too and she keeps her head down low. The last thing Lyric walker wants to do is cause any trouble.

Now it is the first day of school that everyone has been waiting for. There are protesters lining the streets because today is the day that six Alpha will join the school with the human kids. No one likes this idea, but the government is wanting to try to see what happens. Lyric goes to school like she is supposed too and well a fight breaks out in one of her classes. Instead of letting the students keep on fighting each other Lyric steps in to try to stop the fight, resulting in everyone getting into trouble.

Then the principal, Doyle, tells Lyric that she is going to help him with a special project or he will put her in lock up. Come to find out this special project is for her to meet with Fathom, the prince of the Alpha, every day to help him learn the ways of humans. Of course Lyric objected but she ended up having to do it anyway. Lyric starts teaching Fathom an even though she is reluctant about it she starts to enjoy their little visits. Everything in Coney Island is about to change and humans aren't ready for it.

I really liked Lyric Walker's character. Lyric used to be this extremely selfish girl and now she is obeying her parents and lying low to protect her family. She also knows when to stick up for others because it isn't fair for them to be treated badly. A lot of people call Lyric names and she still holds her head high. She still does her assignment and she still tries to find a way to protect her family including her friends. Life isn't easy for Lyric but she is willing to do the best that she can do.

I really liked this story because it kept me engrossed the entire time. I listened to the audio-book and I think that Jennifer Grace did a fantastic job of narrating. I think she does a great job of telling the story because she puts so much heart into the story. I love that she does voices and she makes the reader feel like they are a part of the story not just listening to it. This is the first book that I have read by Michael Buckley and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading book two of the "Undertow" trilogy.

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