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Mini Review: Queen Song by Victoria Aveyard



"Queen Song" by Victoria Aveyard gives the reader a bit of a background story for Queen Coriane, the mother of Prince Cal. Coriane belongs to the silver blood lines and she is under the House of Jacos. Coriane begins to write in a journal because she feels like someone is messing with her mind and she wants to keep her thoughts straight. Prince Tibe met Coriane and fell in love with her which resulted in the traditional Queenstrial being cancelled. Coriane had a tough life once she and the Prince were involved. Everyone wanted to take her place and her mind was never safe.

The romance between Coriane and Tibe was so very sweet and romantic. You could tell in the beginning that Tibe really loved Coriane and he wants to take care of her. Now when Tibe becomes king, things start to change. Tibe becomes a bit distant from Coriane. That takes a huge toll on her. I was a bit disappointed int he character development of Coriane. She started out as this really weak fragile thing and then she started to grown a back bone. Then in the end she was still weak and fragile. It was really disappointing. I would have loved to see Coriane get more and more strong but instead that was not the case.

I really enjoyed getting to know some more background story. To see where different characters are coming from because of the back stories helps other things make more sense. I did enjoy reading "Queen Song" and this definitely made me more anxious for "Glass Sword."

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