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If You Lean in, WIll Men just Look Down Your Blouse? by Gina Barreca

“If You Lean, In, Will Men Just Look Down Your Blouse?” by Gina Barreca is a really fun collection of essays. I have never read anything by Gina Barreca before and I have to say I was very delighted. I feel like women are always put on the spot about how much skin they are showing especially when it comes to cleavage. There are so many women in the corporate world now that this is so relevant. I think this sassy collection of essays is great because it gives women something to think about.

What I really liked about Barreca’s book is that the essays are separated into sections, so you don’t have to read the book in order, you can jump around and not miss anything. Barreca definitely has a unique voice and she points out that women shouldn’t say yes unless they truly mean it and I think this is just as important as a guy needing to be mindful of his eyes. I think there is something in this collection of work for everyone and it is worth giving a shot. I like the little essays, some I feel I can relate too and others I’m like thank goodness that didn’t happen to me.

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