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Splintered by A. G. Howard

"Splintered" is absolutely amazing. I am a huge fan of "Alice in Wonderland," so I was very excited to read someone else's retelling. This was a very creep and cool take on the traditional story though. Many times I was like "okay...what is really going on here?" I fell in love with everything. I really like the mixture of present day and the story of Wonderland.

A. G. Howard has an amazing imagination. I think her take on Wonderland is fabulous and creepy. Who doesn't love fabulous and creepy? I think the world of Wonderland is what brings you in initially. Most know the traditional story and even though Alyssa is interesting in the beginning it is more my curiosity on what Wonderland will look like is what really got me into reading the story. The never-ending mystery that you discover....gosh my heart soars.

Alyssa hears the voices of plants and insects and to get rid of the sound of them talking she likes to kill bugs and use them for art pieces. This all on its own should give a person some creepy eerie feelings because really who doesn't think it is creepy to kill bugs and use them as art? Alyssa has this slight obsession to her to not end up like her mom Allison. Now Allison is considered to be a mentally unstable person and is locked in an institution. This helps drive Alyssa to the decisions that she makes. She has grown up a decent part of her lifetime not having a mother that is of sound mind around her.

For those that like love triangles and for those that hate it, this one I think makes the story very interesting. There is Morpheus and then there is Jeb. Now Morpheus is from Wonderland and well Jeb is from the present day world. I feel like each boy pulled Alyssa into a different direction. In a lot of ways it was fun to see how each boy was able to pull different characteristics out of Alyssa. I don't know why love triangles is such a big thing but it is. I think this is one of the better love triangle stories out there.

"Splintered" is a wonderful retelling of "Alice in Wonderland." I feel like this is more of an "After Alice" type of story. I loved it all the same. I really love this story. I look forward to really getting into depth with these characters and this world because I like it so much. I am definitely happy with Howard's writing. I think she did great and I loved how whimsical everything was in "Splintered."

Last but not least Rebecca Gibel. Rebecca Gibel is an amazing narrator. I can't begin to tell you how much I love her narrations. I feel like everyone needs to at least listen to a book she narrates once. Gibel keeps readers attention perfectly. She makes the book fun and entertaining to listen too. I am very impressed!

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