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The Awakening of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie

“The Awakening of Sunshine Girl” by Paige Mckenzie was so good. I liked this one a whole lot more than “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.” I had read “The Awakening of Sunshine Girl” in one day. It was that good. I was not able to book the book down. I was pretty impressed with this book. I feel like the author’s voice really grew with “The Awakening of Sunshine Girl.”

The reader catches up to Sunshine a few days after the last book. Now that her test is over, Aidan her mentor and father wants to train her but Sunshine wants nothing to do with Aidan. She wants him to leave and leave her alone. Then something happens which causes Sunshine to go with her bio-father to go train. This takes them to another country.

This causes issues for Sunshine because now she is isolated with a man she doesn’t know. Who abandoned her as a baby and she isn’t able to take Nolan with her or her mother Kat. Now Sunshine is trying to figure out what she is going to do now.

I feel like Sunshine learns a lot about herself in this book. She learns that she is strong. She is intelligent. She can figure things out of her own. She is DEFINITELY SPECIAL. Sunshine may be the last of her kind, but I believe that this will end up being a good thing. I think Sunshine is what this world really needs and she is only beginning to know what she is truly capable of.

I really like how the reader gets an inside and an outside view about what is going on. Most of the book you are following Sunshine, but some of my favorite pieces is when the reader was getting to follow the person that is stocking Sunshine. As the reader, this mean t a lot to me because it kept me more engaged knowing the danger going on outside of Sunshine’s bubble at training camp.

I love how the first book went from being a ghost story to now it is a full on paranormal book. I really like the transition and grown up feel of this book. Not only did the characters grown but so did McKenzie. Her writing really improved. A reader can definitely see how she has grown as an author. I am anxiously waiting for book 3. – LOOKING AT YOU McKENZIE.  I really enjoyed this book. Paige McKenzie is such a sweetheart. I look forward to each and every time I get to go see her at a book event or signing.

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